Results of Diversity Questionnaire 2021

The Register of Accredited Firms ( / probate – reference number C008769187), gives details of our probate accreditation. Our registration requires us to monitor and report on the personal diversity policy of the practice. We are committed to operating an Equal opportunities policy and do not discriminate under the Equalities Act 2010.

 In April 2021 the practice had 11 team members across a broad age range. Two held a chartered accountancy qualification, one another accountancy qualification, and another two held other professional qualifications. Responses relating to ethnicity, faith, disability and sexual orientation indicate the majority of the team are British, Christian, able-bodied and heterosexual. This is expected bearing in mind the very small population sample, the locality in which the practice operates and the current low numbers of suitable applicants. The firm does however, remain open to employing suitable persons, whatever their ethnicity or beliefs. Full details of the survey have been submitted to ICAEW for collation with nationwide data.